Before & After: 880 W 1st Street #315

It was time for this  gorgeous & rare office townhouse in prime Downtown LA to make it's debut on the open real estate market. As with any debut, it takes time to get ready. The task list with real property, in order to appeal to buyer's, is usually clean, clear, delete.

Our first task with this property is to evaluate the townhouse and what needs to be done for a new debut on the market. Does it need a new price? NO.  New marketing? YES. A new look? YES.

The location is prime, near the Disney Concert Hall & Broad Museum. The interior needed a refresh. Having been used as an office for the past 10 years the property itself is in great condition. However, the office furniture was bulky & needed to be removed in order to "see" the space. Not to mention the huge patio was partially covered in dirt from a planter repair.

It took 2 weeks to get the planter fixed. During that time, we removed all of the furniture, 15 filing cabinets, and had a professional cleaning prior to having any professional photos taken.



Pro-tip: don't photograph or show your home until you clean, clear, and delete any items maximizing the value of your space! 

Curious to see the rest of the after photos and want to have a viewing?

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